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King Island, located in Bass Strait between Victoria and Mainland Tasmania, with a population of around 1500 people has become the focus of devoted travelling golfers from Australia and around the World.

Cape Wickham Golf Links, on the northern tip of King Island (designed by Mike DeVries and Darius Oliver) is not only laid out across some of the best links land available outside of the UK and Ireland but is located on what is surely some of the most visually spectacular golf land in the world! You may have heard it referenced to as ‘Australia’s answer to Pebble Beach’ and the comparisons are understandable (though Cape Wickham arguably has more high-quality holes than Pebble). It is currently Ranked #3 in Australia and #24 in the World.

And as if one amazing course on the island wasn’t enough, Graeme Grant’s Ocean Dunes, situated just a few minutes outside of the island’s main town of Currie midway down the west coast, opened a year or so later, but has also received rave reviews from critics and travelling golfers alike. Entering the Australian rankings for the first time in 2018 and debuting at #10 probably tells you all you need to know. Also set on some spectacular links land, the holes have been magnificently designed to flow seamlessly across the ocean’s edges before turning inland, travelling up and down through the natural dunes in a manner that would have you assume that this is how Mother Nature had always intended things to be!

Many will say there is no use having the subjective debate over which of the two courses is better, however the reality is that most passionate golfers won’t be able to resist the topic. Nevertheless, we are confident there will be no clear winner on the matter – which is a testament to how good both of these golf courses are!

The Golf Travel Agency are specialists in organising golf travel to King Island and have been working in King Island since Cape Wickham first opened, which means we know all the ‘tricks of the trade’ to ensure you maximise your golf experience on the Island.

We offer the option of flying Commercial Airlines, or by Private Charter, depending on your preference and group size.

If you are interested in heading down to King Island for some amazing golf give us a call to see how we can help.

We have arrangements in place with all of the courses on King Island as well as a variety of accommodation options which enables us to charge no more than what it would cost you to organise the trip yourself, only we are a one stop shop that can advise on all the options, as well as taking all the hassle out of dealing with different airlines, hotels, golf courses, transfer companies etc.

So, if you want to take all the stress out of organising your next golf trip, let us do the hard yards for you while also saving you time and money. Your only job be needs to be finding the right mates to travel with!

Visit our Barnbougle & King Island Golf Holidays page to check out some itineraries, or give us a call on (02) 9555 5311!

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